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​​Most wedding and prom gowns need alterations. Basic alterations are hem, sides and bustle. Other alterations can be done and prices are based on the unique and difficulty of work that is requested or suggested to be done to the dress. Costs for bridal gown alterations normally run around $150-$600 but varies by gown type and type of alterations. Formals normally run $50 and up. We usually do accept outside alterations if our seamstresses are not over booked. There is an outside alterations fee for dresses not purchased at Elegant Bridal. We also have a rush fee for dresses that are brought and need to be finished within a week. 

​Please call us to schedule your fitting for alterations






Wedding gowns typically have many layers. The cost for a wedding gown hem is done per layer. The top layer being the most expensive.  Detailed lace edges that need hand stitching will be more expensive than a plain edge.  Prices range from $100 to $550.  



Side alterations can be for either taking in the gown or letting out the gown. Cost will go up if the gown is several sizes too large for the person wearing it. The reason for this is because the entire bodice has to be taken apart and sized down, as opposed to just taken in the side seams. Some gowns can be let out. However, this depends on how much extra fabric is in the seam. Most gowns can only be let out about an inch.  Prices range from $50 to $175.


A majority of gowns need to have the train bustled for the reception. This means that the back of the gown is pulled up and fastened to the skirt. Most dresses typically only need one to three bustle points. Dresses with a longer train will need more, as well as dresses with many layers. 

There are two types of bustles - American and French.  The American bustle is done on the outside of the dress usually with a hook and eye. The hook and eye are concealed so that they do not show when the train is down.  The French bustle goes under the dress, usually with ties, and has between 2 and 7 points.  The cost is based on the number of points in the bustle.  Prices range from $28 to $200.


Rush Alterations

Alterations need to be started 6-8 weeks before the wedding. This is because you must get in line behind customers that have already come in for alterations. If alterations are not brought to us until 1 week before the wedding there is a rush charge in addition to the normal prices for alterations. The rush fee is charged because other work has to be pushed back and in many cases staff has to work late to finish the changes in time for the event. Alterations are a first come first serve basis. We book up fast. It is always best to make appointments ahead of time to ensure that we have a spot for you in our books.